Sunday, July 19, 2015

A New Week in Boston

After spending a week with the Maintenance division of Boston National Historical Park (BNHP), I have been witnessing the unique relationship that this park has with the Navy.  For instance, I toured the dry dock to take a look at what sort of responsibilities the Maintenance division has within the area. These responsibilities have changed since the U.S.S. Constitution is undergoing restoration. Before this tour, I had no idea that the park took on such duties. For instance, the Navy built a completely new caisson specifically for the U.S.S. Constitution’s restoration. Meanwhile, BNHP’s caisson remains tied up along the side of one of the piers.

(The caisson is pictured right.)

The remainder of my week had been spent with the Law Enforcement division (LE). I had an opportunity to run through safety procedures with weapons and even clean out a side arm. Safety has been continually reinforced within all of the divisions that I have worked with so far. This experience, like many others, continues to prove how enticing this field of work appears to me. The realistic situations that BNHP encounter as an urban national park has been taking form by learning what makes up the different pieces of the puzzle that form the LE division as well as the entirety of BNHP. This includes the relationship that this park has with the navy as well as situations that may take place for visitors of this urban national park. Experiencing the variety among perceptions that exist between the park’s divisions has also helped mold my growing understanding of the Park Service.

A final piece of the week involves the Friday night Concert Series held in the Navy Yard. Since the event happened within BNHP’s jurisdiction, I had the opportunity to work with a LE ranger. We created an incident action plan (IAP) for the event in case of emergency. The IAP provides a systematic way of organizing different resources in the event of an emergency. It also makes important information accessible to all of the LE rangers. Before the event, I ran the briefing with the LE rangers before we dispersed into different positions (pictured right).

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