Saturday, August 8, 2015

Nautical Gnar in Boston

This week I had the opportunity to get out on the water! I spent one day with the Boston Harbor Islands crew, partaking in what they call “Discovery Day.” Towards the end of my time here in Boston, I was able to hop on board Boston National Historical Park Protection Division’s boat, Water Buffalo. We rode around the different islands, talking about what the nautical future the division might have.

The Boston Harbor Islands bring different groups of children from the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club out onto different islands. Each group of children experiences three different islands throughout the span of a week. This allows the kids to see sights they may not otherwise see as well as engage in different learning activities with one another.

The day that I went out, we went to George’s Island. This is the home of Fort Warren where the structure still stands from when it was decommissioned in 1947. It served as a prison for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War as well as a defense for Boston during World War II. We explored the dark tunnel that day in addition to play different 19th century games like grace. Grace is played by tossing a ring using two sticks, seemingly simple and yet extremely fun.

Boston Light
When we took the Water Buffalo out on the water, we rode around George’s Island. It was interesting to see the island from that perspective after having been on it a few days previously. We also saw Spectacle Island which is more of a beach scene. My favorite part was seeing Boston Light, the sight of the first lighthouse to be built in the United States (pictured left). 

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