Saturday, July 16, 2016

Let's Haul It!

Mr. Luongo, B. Kriner, and Ranger Sarah at  MVP horse training
     SAMO has been a really great NPS unit so far this summer. I had a site visit from Temple come out to California. I had a lot of fun showing Tony Luongo some of my favorite places within SAMO. The timing of the visit allowed for the two of us to observe horse training that the MVP (Mounted Volunteer Patrol) members partake in. It was a new experience and I am glad Mr. Luongo was in town to experience it as well. 

B. Kriner with items found at the Overlook

     Before Mr. Luongo arrived to California, I was involved in a clean-up project at Carlisle Canyon Overlook. I and Ranger Ken down-climbed a rock face to reach an area that has unfortunately compiled litter – bottles, cardboard, other trash, and even a television! Once we gathered the litter, we lifted the bags out with rope and finally climbed back up the rock. Not every aspect of being a ranger is glamorous and that is important to remember. We definitely had some fun with it – what other career allows a human to climb a rock face? 
B. Kriner driving during trailer training

     I also had the opportunity to participate in “Trailer Training” where we drove a vehicle with the horse trailer attached to the rear. The training included a hands on experience with backing up the vehicle to the correct position for attachment, attaching the trailer, as well as the safety mechanisms that go along with it. It was my first time driving with a trailer and it was definitely more difficult than I had expected. It was awesome to be able to give it a try in a controlled environment. 
B. Kriner driving during trailer training

     I have learned and experienced a lot of different things since coming out here to SAMO. I now feel a little more confident in my ability to drive with a trailer which is likely to crop up at some point in my future.

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