Saturday, July 30, 2016

     One of the projects that I have been working on during my time here at Santa Monica Mountains involves the identifying the locations of Automated External Defibrillators (AED). There are many things a ranger needs to be aware of in all types of varying situations. For now, I'll just focus on something that myself and ProRanger Katie Yody have made into a life-long egg hunt, everywhere we go pointing out the location of various AEDs. Whether the AED is located near the front door, down a hallway, behind a secured door, and so forth, it is always important to know where the equipment is located.

     The map that I am working on will be available to rangers via the tablets inside their vehicles (if all goes well with technology, that is). Below is a screen shot of a route that shows how the AED locations are scattered. It will be a great tool for on-boarding new rangers when they start to familiarize themselves with SAMO and where the AEDs lie within.

     In the event of an emergency, the mind and body operated at a heightened level. Even if an individual passes by an AED on his or her way to the office, it could be difficult to recall that memory while the individual is experiencing the stress of an emergency.
Sudden Cardiac Arrest can be treated most effectively by a combination of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation. In the amount of time it takes to locate and setup an AED, the rescuer begins and continues CPR. So, where on earth is the nearest AED and how long will it take someone to run and grab it?

     It's awesome to know before the incident that you need one. I encourage you all to join in the hunt! In my experience, I like to keep a mental note of where they are.

     At Paramount Ranch, for example, the AED is located in the contact station. Some of you may be thinking, "well, where is that?" EXACTLY! It is the brown building that you must pass by in order to enter Western Town. ALSO, the AED is behind a locked door! In the event of an emergency, it is important to remember this. I would not be able to say to any human, "blue shirt, retrieve the AED from the brown building!" It is unlikely that this human has a key to open the door inside the visitor contact station that allows access to the ranger offices. I would need to have a ranger retrieve the AED.

Know where AEDs are located and how to access them!

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