Saturday, July 30, 2016

Park Visit to CUIS

Earlier this month, Mr. Luongo came to visit Cumberland Island NS. Mr. Luongo got to meet Ranger Reitchel and Ranger Lawrence, the two rangers who have been supervising me this summer. I first introduced Mr. Luongo to the Captains House, the Ranger Station. I showed him my medical bag and all the supplies I carry on a daily basis. I introduced him to the Dungeness Ruins and the historical history of the island. We then hiked Nightingale Trail to observe some of the natural resources, where we found some black widows and golden orb weavers along the trail. Then we drove north on the main road to check out the rest of the island. We did a tour of Plum orchard and The settlement. it started raining pretty hard, which made for a fun ride on dirt roads in the Chevy Colorado.

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