Saturday, July 30, 2016

Today I passed the PEB, which means I can officially go to the academy in a few weeks. I am excited for this new chapter in life to begin!

As my time at SAMO slowly comes to an end, I have been feeling nostalgic. Remembering my first week, I was absolutely lost when it came to directions, highways, and if you mentioned a short cut, I would have thought you were speaking a different language.

Today was a prime example of combining what I have learned through out the summer with contacting a visitor. The individual was essentially looking for a place to camp for free. I was located at the Visitors Center with a ranger. There are no campsites available since it's the weekend and there is not a free site for miles. The individual grew hostile when I discussed how camping works in the recreation area. The ranger and I attempted to provide alternatives and suggest other possibilities. I called the county sheriff's department and finally the Mountain Recreation Conservation Authority, who actually owns the land that the visitors center is located.

After collaborating with MRCA and our own Visitor and Resource Protection Division, we were able to direct the individual off the grounds and towards other possibilities.

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