Saturday, July 30, 2016

Visit from Temple University

Recently, Mr. Tony Luongo conducted a site visit from Temple University to the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The timing was perfect! The Mounted Volunteer Patrol (MVP) conducted a training and we were able to observe.
A member from California State Parks also attended the training and I was able to introduce Mr. Luongo to the ranger. It was a great example of how SAMO works with a variety of different agencies on a daily basis.  

I took Mr. Luongo to as many sites as I could within two days. We saw great views and went on many hikes. It was great being able to tell Mr. Luongo about all the things I have done this summer. 
In one of the pictures, I am pointing to the area that I had previously climbed down with another ranger to pick up litter. Being able to share the experiences I have had this summer allows Mr. Luongo a full picture of this internship.  

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