Friday, April 6, 2018

Adventures in Patagonia

ProRanger John Hardie is spending this semester backpacking in Patagonia.  Due to technical difficulties he has been unable to post directly to the ProRanger blog.  For now, please follow his adventures here:

Friday, February 23, 2018

The NPS lost two rangers yesterday...and we couldn't be more proud

The NPS and the ProRanger Program lost two U.S. Park Rangers when Ranger Timothy Oh and Ranger Charles Papacostas turned in their badges.  And yesterday the U.S. Park Police gained two new officers when Officer Oh and Officer Papacostas were sworn in and received their new badges!

U.S. Park Police Chief Robert D. MacLean administers the oath

The U.S. Park Police ceremony combines the graduation of its newest officers with promotions and presentation of awards.  After hearing the descriptions of the heroic actions taken by the park police officers who were presented with awards, I feel confident that Officers Oh and Papacostas are going to fit right in.  I'm looking forward to attending future ceremonies to see them presented with awards and promotions!

Chief MacLean presents Office Oh with his badge
Sergeant Kimberly Walker presents Officer Papacostas
with the Academic Achievement Award

The class that graduated yesterday was a small group of ten transfers from other federal agencies.  It's pretty amazing to find two Temple Owls among this elite group.  How about three?  The U.S. Park Police also welcomed Temple alumnus Scott Anthony to their ranks yesterday.  Go Owls!

Temple Owls are everywhere.  Officers Papacostas, Anthony and Oh.

We're all still NPS family: 
Officer Papacostas, Northeast Region Chief Ranger Lorena Harris, and Officer Oh

Truly the best part of my job is working with these students and then to watch them grow and to proudly celebrate their success.  Congratulations Tim, Charles, Scott, and the newest members of the U.S. Park Police.