Monday, April 11, 2016

Announcing the new SLETP website at Temple University

 SLETP at Temple University
Temple University Criminal Justice Training Programs (professional training center for federal, state, and local law enforcement) in partnership with University College (academic and administrative center for the ProRanger Philadelphia Certificate program) is proud to announce the launch of a completely new website for the Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program, or SLETP, as it is commonly referred.  The next SLETP Cohort starts August 15, 2016 and graduates December 19, 2016.  Temple’s SLETP is a full-time, federally-accredited 18-week program offered at the Temple University Ambler Campus.  The SLETP curriculum consists of more than 700 hours of professional instruction designed to prepare and enable men and women to obtain employment with the National Park Service as a seasonal law enforcement ranger.  Successful candidates are awarded a certificate of completion from Temple University SLETP and the National Park Service-Law Enforcement Training Center (LETC) during a ceremony showcasing the graduates’ achievements.

The new SLETP website design is the creative work of Paul J. Muller, Senior Web Developer and Designer for University College.  Mr. Muller’s professional experience and background in design transformed the old site into a clean, modern layout with an emphasis on user experience and accessibility to information.  Also contributing to this endeavor, Ms. Christie Willard, Assistant Director-CJTP and Physical Fitness Coordinator-SLETP lent her expertise on developing specific content including the physical efficiency battery (PEB) as well as the redesigned SLETP application.  The online application, which is now live and accepting applications for the next SLETP cohort, was designed and deployed using DestinyOne Solutions led by University College Associate Vice-Provost Nicole M. Westrick and David M. Benson, Associate Director, CE Systems.  Ms. Westrick and Mr. Benson, and their team, engaged with Criminal Justice Training Programs staff for several months on the new application’s structure, elements, and processes.  The SLETP was a member of the third cohort of non-credit, continuing education programs at Temple University to undergo implementation in DestinyOne.

Candidates submitting an application for the Fall-2016 SLETP (Class dates are August 15, 2016 - December 19, 2016) will benefit directly from the recently expanded and revised National Park Service curriculum.  The curricula includes additional instruction in visitor and resource protection, emergency vehicle operations, use of force concepts and skills, criminal investigation and evidence collection, continuing case preparation and courtroom presentation, physical fitness and nutrition, communication skills and scenario-based training. 

With an increased demand from the National Park Service for qualified candidates for seasonal law enforcement positions, now is great time to consider applying to the SLETP.  Enrollment at Temple’s SLETP is comprised of up to twenty-six students in each class.  While attending the SLETP at the Temple Ambler Campus, there are numerous off-campus housing opportunities for students within our surrounding communities.  Since graduating the first SLETP class in August-2011, Temple has welcomed students from as close as New Jersey to as far away as Hawaii.  Temple is a Yellow-Ribbon school, and military veterans may be able to apply educational benefits to offset tuition and uniform costs depending on their eligible service as determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

 SLETP Website at Temple University
Temple University welcomes and strongly encourages applications from women, minority groups, veterans, and under-represented groups.  It is the vision of Temple University SLETP to offer the highest caliber law enforcement training that prepares well qualified candidates who are reflective of the values and the diversity of communities throughout the U.S. to be professional first responders so that staff, visitor, and park resources are protected now and in the future.  If you aspire to protect and conserve the grandest natural, cultural and historical resources this country has to offer, we look forward to receiving your application.  Your career as a seasonal law enforcement ranger awaits!

For more information about Temple University or the next SLETP cohort (August 15, 2016 - December 19, 2016), please contact or, or call the SLETP at 215-204-7930 or 267-468-8600.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

2016 Philly Flower Show

Working the the flower show this year was definitely an interesting experience. Growing up, I was never particularly interested in flowers. But I've grown to appreciate them a little more with my chance to staff Temple's exhibit. The theme this year for Temple was Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site. I didn't know any of this prior to staffing the exhibit this year so here goes..

Hopewell Furnace is a national historic site in Berks County, PA. It is one of the first iron plantations in the U.S. during the Industrial Revolution during the mid to late 1700s and 1800s. This iron plantation is mostly known for laying the groundwork, along with other sites, for making
America the industrial giant that it is today.