Sunday, October 29, 2017

Association of National Park Rangers

Association of National Park Rangers

Hey there! My name is Brennan McAuley from Cohort 5 in the ProRanger Program. I am back in school working to finish my senior year as a criminal justice major at Temple University.  I recently had a great NPS experience. Keep reading to hear about it and to see some pictures!

I joined the Association of National Park Rangers (ANPR). I was awarded a membership in the form of a Bill Supernaugh Memorial Scholarship. This Scholarship provided me with a year membership, and the chance to go to their annual conference known as Ranger Rendezvous.

To learn more about what is included in an ANPR membership click here.
To learn more about what was covered in the conference click here.

The conference took place in Estes Park Colorado, just outside of Rocky Mountains National Park. The week was full of training opportunities, panel discussions, fun, networking, along with first-hand exposure to the incredible resources or the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Can you spot the graffiti? 

Guiding Line Rope Rescue Course

I hit the ground hiking. My first day in Colorado was dedicated to an all-day search and rescue practice referred to as “Guiding Line Rope rescue”.  This would be used in an area where there is a steep incline and rough terrain (which is very common in the Rocky Mountains).  A combination of protection rangers and climbing rangers instructed the course. This was great because I got to learn about the various day to day problems that a protection ranger might encounter in the park.

Panel Discussions

One of my favorite part about the weeks was learning about and discussing very timely topics within the National Park Service.

Some of my favorite topics included:
·      Increasing visitation & associated problems
·      How to manage/eradicate exotic species
·      Pride Outside which focused on increasing diversity of all kinds in our parks
·      Superintendents panel which focused on leadership and management of parks
·      Office of American Indian Affairs (OAIA), a newly formed branch focused on building strong relationships between the NPS and members of Indian tribes.

Some special speakers included:
·      Sue Masica, Intermountain Regional Director
·      Darla Sidles, Rocky Mountain National Park Superintendent
·      Reed Robinson, Midwest Region Program Manager for the Office of American Indian Affairs
·      Ani Kame’enui, Director of Legislation and Policy at the National Parks Conservation Association
·      Dan Wenk, Yellowstone National Park Superintendent

The week provided me with training, knowledge, challenge, and even newly formed NPS friendships. 

If you are interested in learning more about ANPR or becoming a member please feel free to reach out to me .  

Thursday, August 31, 2017

ProRanger of the Caribbean

Pirates ProRanger of the Caribbean

Week 10& closing words


At this point, I have officially completed my second summer internship. My summer spent interning in the Caribbean parks exposed me to; an entirely different set of natural and cultural recourses, new skills, and different NPS teams. I practiced safely operating a motorboat almost daily, observed traffic stops, eradicated marijuana plants from an illegal cultivation site on federal land, participated in scenario training, attended FEMA meetings, worked on a number of investigations, and so much more.     

I took a lot out of this summer. I was exposed to many different law enforcement related incidences over the course of my internship. I learned so much from each ranger; from the stories they told me to general knowledge that they wanted to impart upon me. Being in the field and working alongside NPS Rangers really reminded me why I am in the Temple ProRanger Program. I feel Prepared for Academy. 

The many classes I have taken for my certificate in National Park Service Management along with my summer internships and weekend training have given me a strong understanding of; the NPS, Law Enforcement, leadership, federal Lands, Federal Government, and my future career. I am more and more motivated to learn and grow my skill sets each and every day.

What is next? I am back in Philadelphia completing my senior year at Temple University as a Criminal justice major. I am continuing to improve my fitness, attend weekend training, and learn everything I can to help shape me into a proficient ranger and leader.

Helping Laura & Ashley, two marine ecologists with Coral and Parrot fish research

Some people hike trails, in the Caribbean we snorkel them! 

Please check back soon for exciting NPS related news coming up !!