Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hot Springs National Park Here I Come!

Hello All! I am back and more than ready to start my second internship at Hot Springs National Park this summer! It will be my first time that I will be in the South, so I will have a lot to learn not only about the park and how it operates at every division level, but learn about the culture and lifestyle of people in the South. It will also be my first time renting an apartment to live in for three months by myself, so that should be a great experience! The opportunities that present themselves this summer are endless and I cannot wait to see where it all takes me.  

I have three major goals this summer, and hopefully will be able to update everyone that they have been accomplished by the end of the internship this summer! The first goal is to become more a of gym junkie than ever, and greatly increase my physical abilities. With that being said, I already have a workout routine in place and will be putting it to use the second I get there! My second goal this summer is to embrace, learn, and love the culture of the South. Ever since I was little I have always wanted to move and travel to the South as the culture I have heard about down there fits my personality. I will immerse myself in everything that comes my way, and will make sure I have some good stories to tell throughout the summer of those experiences! My third goal is to learn everything there is about Hot Springs National Park, the LE division and its staff, and be able to leave with new tools for my tool belt to make me the best future NPS Park Ranger I can possibly be. I will be listening, watching, and learning from very great rangers throughout the summer, and I know that the amount of hands on activity I will receive will benefit in more ways than I know of now.

Follow me throughout the summer to see what is going on from week to week, and don’t be shy to comment on my blogs with any reactions or questions that you may have, as I would love to answer them! Well with all that being said, I have two more finals to go, and it is officially summer, so back to studying! Have a great week and check back in a few weeks to learn about we will have learned and experienced at our annual Leadership Camp, which is happening May 15-19!