Monday, November 21, 2011

Volunteer Update

Volunteering at Valley Forge has been limited to just a few hours a week now. I need to maintain my focus especially because the end of the semester is coming closer. A few days ago Valley Forge hosted a Park Watch Patrol meeting that allowed all members to finally come together and interact with each other. Although we are modest in members now, we hope to soon expand and recruit more volunteers. During the meeting we discussed the program design, and we also discussed what our responsibilities are as Park Watch Volunteers.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cohort 3 Selected!!!

On November 15, the 22 new members of cohort 3 met at the U.S. Custom House for their initial processing. The Regional Director and Deputy Directors visited with them to share their vision of the ProRanger program and their enthusiasm for the exciting season ahead.

The Regional Chief Ranger discussed the responsibilities and challenges that they will face as they progress through the program, and the great support available to see them through.

Dr. Tony Luango of Temple University discussed the SLETP and offered advice on preparing for the physical and mental demands of this rigorous program.

With the addition of the Southeast and Midwest regions to the program, students have many more destinations available for their summer internships.

Join me in welcoming them during our December 3rd event at the Valley Green Inn.