Monday, September 28, 2015

Manassas National Battlefield Park

My name is Daniel Bussell, I am currently in Temple University's ProRanger Program and spent my summer internship at Manassas National Battlefield Park. After my long struggle and not-so tech savvy skills I have finally made it onto to blog about my experience. I had an excellent time in Virginia and was sad to go. My supervisor and Chief Ranger of Manassas, Mark Howard, provided me with copious amounts of opportunities to attend trainings and refreshers. Through each department, I was welcomed with open arms to teach me more about the roles of their jobs in the park service, from natural resources to administration.
I was given the opportunity to attend Chainsaw Safety, Maintenance, and Operation certification the first week I was at the park. It was a great way to meet the staff of the park, and the volunteers that help maintain it. After receiving my certification in CSMO, it allowed me to work and help with the Fuel Reduction teams. Fuel Reduction projects are areas that are mapped out in the park that have a high potential of wild land fire fuel. We would work to clear and chip fallen trees and branches. We worked to drop every tree to the ground that sat elevated because of the higher chance of drying out and potentially becoming a greater source of fuel to a fire.
Thanks for reading, plenty more to come!

A class photo after we all successfully passed our certification.
Maintenance worker and head of Fuel Reduction crew James Riddick runs over the mapped fuel reduction zones for the areas to be covered with Natural Resource's Allison Sloop.
Fuel Reduction Crew

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Throwback Thursday- Rev Run 2015

On April 19th, 2015, four of us took a trip to Valley Forge National Historic Park to take part in the 10th Annual Revolutionary Run. The 5 mile run through the hills of Valley Forge was a challenge, but the beautiful spring weather and scenic view helped us to keep going.
ProRangers Katie Yody and Tim Greene giving TU (Temple University) a shoutout. 

After the race, ProRangers Katie Yody, Tim Greene, John Hesdon, and Brittany Kriner
were able to talk with the Chief Ranger of Valley Forge.
Taking place in April, this was before we really knew each other, so it was a great bonding experience. Every ProRanger who attended the race was able to successfully finish the hilly 5 mile course. ProRangers in the past have participated in the Rev Run, and we look forward to bringing the popularity back to the event and continuing this great tradition with future cohorts.

Monday, September 7, 2015

All The Best, Monocacy

Today is Labor Day, and it has finally set in that my ProRanger Summer 1 internship has come to an end. I am now walking on sidewalks, taking subways, and there are more people here than cows. Classes have started in North Philadelphia, football season is upon us, and I am already missing my time at Monocacy National Battlefield.
Photo taken of my "backyard", the Thomas Farm, during my last week at Monocacy. 
My final week was spent with the Resource Management division, where I had the privilege of working with 2 SCA (Student Conservation Association) interns and members from the YCC (Youth Conservation Corps). For the first few days, I worked on tagging trees with my roommate Liz. This project was her main focus for her summer internship, so it was great to see everything that she has been working on for awhile.
We placed a tube around the tree to protect it from the animals, and would attach an
identification tag to the tube so we could easily identify and tracks the tree's growth.
My final two days were spent at Gettysburg National Military Park. We were asked to help their Resource Management staff with picking peaches from the Peach Orchard. The trees were becoming too heavy as the peaches were pulling down on the branches, so it was crucial that some peaches were removed. With that being said, it was also an enjoyable time to be outside and enjoy the beauty of Gettysburg.

The Peach Orchard at Gettysburg National Military Park
Picking peaches was a nice activity because it allowed me to reflect on the fantastic time I had this summer. I feel very lucky that I was assigned as a ProRanger at Monocacy National Battlefield. I owe a big thank you to everyone at Monocacy and Antietam for treating me extremely well and giving me a great experience. I look forward to making a visit sometime soon back to Frederick, MD and being back at a place that I consider a second home. The 10 weeks flew by, and I can't wait to see what lies ahead for my next summer.

Thank you for reading my blogs and I look forward to writing more down the road.


Tim Greene