Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Landing USPP Eagle 2 at Gettysburg

Park Ranger parked at the Pennsylvania Monument.

Today we received a visit from National Park Police Eagle 2. There was a lot of general excitement as the helicopter landed just East of the Pennsylvania Monument on the battlefield. Gettysburg is a hilly, bemonumented park that sees a lot of visitors this time of year, so choosing a landing area that minimized the potential risk to the visitors, park resources, and helicopter crew was of no mean importance. This particular landing required the closing of a small section of the park road and a parking area, as well as the corralling of a busload of excited school children.

Rangers Ryan Levins and Ricky Pierce coordinate the road closure in anticipation of the arrival of Eagle 2.

Eagle 2 lands in the field just East of the Pennsylvania Monument.

Video of Eagle 2 landing. Sorry about the shaky camerawork. I was walking and watching the crowd while holding the camera in the general direction of the helicopter.

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