Saturday, June 5, 2010

About Time

Yesterday was the first day I had computer access here in VA, but today I am at Yorktown, VA. I live at Yorktown but I also work in Jamestown, VA (23 miles southwest) which is still part of Colonial National Historical Park (COLO). I have found some of the blogs to be really interesting and really cool. I hope I can contribute soon by adding a few of my own pics/vids. So far I am LOVING it here, and the staff are amazing to say the least!!! My sups. are Ranger Brewer & Ranger Williams, they are taking really good care of me. I just finished my first division yesterday, Interp. and I'll be doing my second division, maintenance, starting Monday. My only complaint here is the weather. Average temps are high 80's to high 90's I think, than slap on the major humidity for an extra boost of discomfort. I'm glad I wasn't here 300 some years ago with the settlers.

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