Monday, June 14, 2010

First Week of Maintenance

We are all now three weeks into our internships. The first two weeks were spent with interpretation and the last has been spent with maintenance. I have thoroughly enjoyed this past week working with maintenance. My schedule has shifted from a 9-530 day to a 7-330 day. By moving two hours of my workday from after lunch to before lunch the day goes by significantly quicker. In addition my daily activities in maintenance keep my mind and my body more engaged then my activities in interpretation. I have been with the gardening crew for this past week pulling weeds, pruning and trimming bushes and shrubs and planting flowers and new shrubs. I have learned much in this past week and have been able to take home a seedling of a ginko tree. This coming week I will be working with the painting crew and then the custodial crew. It promises to be another week that will fly by. Pictures and videos to come.........

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