Tuesday, May 24, 2011

---John Eichelberger Shenandoah National Park---

The Pro Ranger Program via Temple University has given Pro Rangers Heather Hyde and John Eichelberger the unique experience to spend their summers' in Shenandoah National Park experiencing the vast amount of work that goes into making a park of this size function and be readily available for use by the Public while ensuring their safety at the same time.

We arrived Monday the 17th, and were settled in at the Parks Headquarters area just off of highway 211 4 miles from the central district of the park and Skyline Drive. Right away i was immediately happy to call this my new home for the next three months ..Rolling Appalachian mountains, churning mountain rivers, and abundant Flora and Fauna are now right at our fingertips.

We will be getting a vast array of different experiences Park programs, from resource management to Fee collecting operations. These different experiences will be giving us a great deal of knowledge through practical experience , and hands on trials about how a National Park is ran..

In the wilderness we walk,

John Eichelberger

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