Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prince WIlliam forest Park Week 1-Amber Hagan

Our first week at Prince William was nothing short of perfect. We expected loads of paperwork and first week processing, but we did everything but that! We rode with Law enfocement several days, went on interesting calls, sat in on staff meetings, went to the dispatch office in Hagerstown with Chief Cindy Sirk-Fear, went to NCTC with Ranger Ballam, visited Jim at Antietam, learned how to use our radios, among many other activities. I could not have asked for a better park. The EMS coordinator at the park gave us a free stethoscope and pocket light. That was very generous. Our fire training is in 2 weeks. Next week we will be with resource management. I woke up every day this week looking forward to what we would be doing that day. Today, Charles and I got to drive the law enforcement vehicle....I am speechless. That has got to be the coolest privilage I've been given thus far(as you can see above). I think Ranger Ballam got a walk down memory lane seeing how excited we've been this week just to do simple tasks like drive a vehicle and wear a golden badge and use a radio. I have so much enthusiasm and pride in this internship. I am anxious for next week to begin! We will be working with resource management next week, which will give us a first hand look into another division vital to the park.
Amber Hagan


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