Sunday, June 26, 2011

GWMP Blog Post #4

This past week was focused on interpretation. Tia and myself spent Monday through Wednesday at the Arlington House, which has the the most amazing view of Washington. We spent most of our brief time at the Arlington House shadowing the different interpretation Rangers. This enabled me to observe and really soak in the different techniques of interpretation. Tia and I shadowed about eight different Rangers, each having different ways of telling about the history of General Lee and the Custis'. Being able to hear each Ranger's version of the Lee and Custis history was thoroughly enjoyable and truly gave me insight on the many ways a Ranger can interact with and pass along their knowledge to visitors. Tia and I were lucky enough to be able to tour the magnificant Arlington Cemetary during our time at the Arlington House. We visisted the Kennedy grave site and were also able to view the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soliders. Seeing just how professional and put together the guards were was nothing short of motivating. I learned a great deal from the Park Rangers stationed at the Arlington House.

On Thursday and Friday Tia and myself worked at the Clara Barton House and Glen Echo. These two days were dedicated to helping Zach, a Park Ranger stationed at Glen Echo, put together a museum exhibit. The exhibit is all about civil rights and the integration of Glen Echo Park. Our job involved a lot of measuring, cutting, and mounting. It proved to be fairly difficult, but I love projects such as these and have never been involved with putting together an actual museum exhibit. Each of us were quite happy with the end result. Tia and I will be transfering to the C&O Canal tomorrow to begin working as Law Enforcement Park Rangers. I am sad to be leaving the Parkway and all of the wonderful employees of the Parkway, but am excited to start with the Law Enforcement aspect of the ProRanger program. I am also excited to work with new people and experience a new National Park. I will be writing about my first week at the C&O Canal in about a week so stay tuned!

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