Saturday, June 11, 2011

George Washington Memorial Parkway Post Two

This past Monday and Tuesday Tia and I worked with the Roads Crew. The Fourth of July is a huge event at the Parkway and requires a lot of work beforehand. Maintenence has to put up miles and miles of fencing to prevent cars from parking along the side of the Parkway, so we helped put up this fencing. We first put a stake in the ground every five feet or so by using a Man Killer, which made my arms very sore. We then attached the plastic fencing with zip ties. It was hard work, but I enjoyed talking and joking with the Roads Crew.

On Monday we met the Superintendent of Rock Creek Park and learned about her career history in the National Park Service. Learning about Tara Morrison's past experiences was very wonderful and motivating. On Tuesday we visited Ford's Theater and received a personal tour. The newly renovated theater is beautiful and set up very well. Hearing a fellow Park Ranger tell the story of Lincoln's last night was so amazing, I could actually visualize the chain of events. We were able to meet the Superintendent, Kym Elder, and hear about her career history in the Park Service. Once again, it was so motivating to hear about how many different things one can do within the Park Service.
On Wednesday Tia and I worked with the Tree Crew. Working with the Tree Crew was so much fun. I was able to go about 65 to 70 feet in the air in the bucket, which was was scary but exhilarating. One Tree Crew member, Tim, showed Tia and myself how to safely climb and take down a hazardous tree. While we took a small break in the shade to try and escape from the extreme heat a little fawn climbed out of the woods. The fawn was calling for its mother and then proceeded to slowly walk towards me. I stuck out my hand and the fawn gave my hand a little lick and ran into the woods, realizing that I was indeed not its mother. This event made me think back to P.D. Eastman's Are You My Mother?, a personal favorite.

Thursday and Friday we worked with Paul Walls, the Supervisor of Roads and Trails, where we put in a speed bump, maintained trails, and repaired a pot hole. It was very nice to see the variety of things that the Roads and Trails crew is responsible for. The first half of yesterday we worked with Jackie as a group of first graders came for a field trip. This was great because I love working with kids and Tia and I were again to participate in a different aspect of the Park Service. This was our last week at maintenance and I am very sad to say goodbye. Maintenance was so welcoming and they really showed us the ropes. George Washington Memorial Parkway maintenance employees are so wonderful and I cannot thank them enough for being so kind to us. Next week we will be doing interpretation work so stay posted!

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