Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gettysburg (week of june 7)

This week I finished up interpretation training and focused mainly on designing an interpretive program. The instructors went into great detail and were very helpful in giving us step by step instructions on how we should design our programs and gave us pointers to help us when we actually give our programs. During the course of the training I was able to develop a theme for my ranger program, find specific locations as visual aids, and outline key points to go over on my program. I also got a chance to go on some of the other ranger programs which gave me an opportunity to see first hand how a ranger program is delivered and I actually learned a few things about the battle of Gettysburg as well. This week was very informative and helped a great deal in my development as a ProRanger.
During the week we were also given a break from training and went on a tour of President Eisenhower's home here in Gettysburg. It was amazing to see his home with all of the original furniture from the time he and his wife lived there. In my visit I learned that Eisenhower would regularly have important political figures from aroung the world as guests to get to know them on a more personal level. I have included photos from my  visit.

I was also able to volunteer my time this saturday (June 4) on the Friends of Gettysburg "friends day". On this day we built about a mile and a half of fence along areas of the battlefeild were the park has evidence there was fence during the battle. It was a good chance to meet some new people, help out the park, and get in a nice workout.

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