Thursday, June 2, 2011

GWMP Auto Shop Training Week 3

George Washington Memorial Parkway is such a magnificent place! My first two weeks were a blast, shadowing superintendents, attending meetings, and going through the tours of each and every individual park within the site. Not only am I learning that D.C. is a very diverse city, their parks are as well! Along the GWMP there are several parks which all have unique environments. Here I have the opportunity to not only experience woodland areas and its natural resources, I get the chance to experience my home away from home, with its urban settings. The photographs that are displayed depict my awesome exposure of the auto shop within the maintenance facility. Now into my third week at GWMP, I have learned so much about the details of how such unique divisions play an important role in maintaining such a significant Parkway. This large site also obtains a huge variety of roles under each branch of the NPS. Training with one of the mechanic specialist, Fabian, was such a treat!

This was my opportunity to do hands on work which was very gratifying in the end. The auto shop mechanics were truly helpful and patient, while I was underneath a flush truck changing oil filters. My partner and I also drained the oil from the truck and greased areas behind the wheels. Yesterday when I spent most of day learning a skill that was never introduced to me, I felt proud because I can take that knowledge and someday apply it.

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