Thursday, June 16, 2011

INDE Week 4

Hey Everyone! Hope all is well at your parks!
This week Dan and I worked with maintenance for another week. This week as a little different than last. We worked with the men that fix air conditioners and plumbing. Dan mainly worked with the Supervisor named Jimmy while I worked with the plumber named Joe. Jimmy is an acting Supervisor, he helps with the air conditioners and over seeing the other men.
Dan has been changing air filters. He knows all about the different sizes for the different buildings. Dan helped to look at the lists of duties we had for that day. He would tell us what ones were important to get done that day as well as what supplies everyone would need. We also would talk about who would take what car for the day. The mornings we

re a good way to discuss what needed to be done and organize how people would split things up. They would also talk about who would need help with bigger jobs.

I worked with Joe as we put 88 feet of cable down a pipe, only to find out that the clog was down further than that! We have to cut a hole in the basement pipe in order to get rid of the water that is causing a flood. Then we will drain 3 stores worth of water and hopefully find the place that is clogged. I also helped Joe clean the fountain in Washington Square. When we got to it in the morning it was green! We drained it for about an hour and then started scrubbing the scum line and pushing the dirt into piles. The dirt was mainly leaves and branches that had fallen into the fountain. Then we pushed all the coins into a pile and picked them up. Yes, we do collect the coins so I am sorry but your wishes are not coming true at Washington Square! We put about a fourth of a bucket worth of change into the donation box in the Liberty Bell Center. Sorry for

whoever has to count that!

Dan and I also worked with a man named Bill who changes the lights at the park. Dan helped to climb the latter with him while I helped to throw about old bulbs and unpackage them for the guys. We needed different types of bulbs and different latters for the outside lights. This is a picture of Dan on a 10 foot latter changing one of the lights from Washington Square!

We also were able to work with the custodial group this week. I worked to help clean one of the bathrooms, the Liberty Bell Center and a smaller building. After we did that we stayed near the bathrooms to make sure there was no toilet paper on the floor and no other issues. We helped the other workers with some of their duties for the day. Dan helped to vacuum both floors of the East Wing. The top floor is where many of the Rangers eat lunch. The bottom floor is where they organize groups for the Independence Hall tours. He also cleaned a bathroom as well as mopped a floor. It was a busy Saturday full of cleaning!

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