Monday, June 13, 2011


Sounds like everyone is having a great time, good luck and keep up the good work.

The Seasonal Academy is still going well. Most of our in-class lectures are behind us. Last week we started defensive tactics and to say that it is demanding is an understatement. We are greatly honored to have an instructor from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Georgia) come up and grace us with his knowledge and experience. We also have been fortunate enough to have a Ranger from Independence and a few law enforcement officers from neighboring townships assist in our routines. We are all learning as much as we can from all the instructors.

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  1. I woke up this morning feeling motivated. I was excited about the 3mile run. The past few weeks we have been fortunate to have excellent instructors that has taken time to teach us lots of materials. Even though it has been alot of hard work, I am having a blast. I cant wait to see what's coming up in the next couple of weeks.