Friday, June 17, 2011

SNP--- Week 5

This week at Shenandoah was spent with the administration department. We spent much of our time at the park headquarters building. We had the opportunity to explore park fiance, budget, and get a grasp of the amount of work that goes into making acquisition purchases. We also got to go out with the GIS and IT departments whom shared with us their jobs and how they are under the Administration department. Administration really doesn't get a lot of credit for all the hard hours they put in at the desk and there job may not be as glamorous as some other positions, but without them the park would not be able to function.

We also got a better understanding of our program learning about STEP versus SCEP employment and invariably what the outcome we can expect through our program. We also went over how to search USA Jobs and how to interpret job postings and tailor our resume to each individual posting. We really need to understand just how lucky we are to be involved with this program in today's stagnate economy which invariably has many business's laying people off and down sizing.

Today we went to a seminar with the Superintendent which was very interesting because it had to deal with concessions and the park interaction and just how much of the "experience" they contribute to the park. There were various parks represented and we got the opportunity to meet with park members from Grand Canyon NP who told us about the ProRanger program from Texas El Paso. This was interesting enough, and they had mentioned that they would like their park to be opened up to the program. They had even mentioned maybe getting some of us "East Coasters" out west! The Superintendent was very positive and has a very interesting story behind her career with the NPS which was exciting to hear about and put some things in perspective for me .

On another note I would like to take this opportunity to nip something in the rear end before there are any more problems with it. Uniforms... It may not be an exciting topic nor may it remotely interest some of you. However, If you wear any uniform it is a direct reflection of the entity in which you are under. If you are not wearing the uniform properly, and or make it look poorly you are invariably making the NPS look the same way. As I said earlier we have a unique opportunity bestowed upon us and we do not need negative attention drawn to it for something as simple as following uniform standards. Remember perception is reality.. if the public sees you looking shabby that's the impression they will associate with the NPS. More importantly do not follow poor examples that maybe found at your various parks, but set a higher standard.. Ok I'm off my high horse !

"Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

Vince Lombardi

John Eichelberger

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