Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week 3 Photos: Getting Our Hands Dirty

Here are some of the pictures of what Ryan and I have done with maintenance so far. Ryan already posted a blog explaining everything but here's another recap. So the first few days with maintenance we planted flowers at the front entrance of Fort Hancock. It was really important for us to do this because when the visitors come to the Fort this is the first thing that they see. First impressions are very important so we made sure to do our best and make sure the park looked good. Unfortunately, they gave us flowers that are not suppose to be out in the sun all day however, our flowers are still up and blooming even after little over a week.


Another thing we did while working with maintenance was help upkeep the lawns along the roads and in the parking lot. I never used a weed wacker before, I know sounds funny, but everyone helped me out. Soon enough I think I'll become a professional after our time with maintenance. Ryan spent a lot of time mowing the lawns. He said that he enjoyed mowing the lawns and after looking at his work, everything looked really good. Now every time we drive by the lots, we can look back at what did and be proud of it. With my time working with maintenance I have a greater appreciation for them. They work 8 hours a day in all weather conditions and it takes a lot of time to make sure everything is presentable. Anyone can cut grass but the hard work and dedication to get the job done is harder than it appears. 

Ryan mowing the lawn while he poses for the camera. 
Here I am getting ready to use the blower to help clean up along the road.
Well we hope everyone continues to enjoy their time at their parks. Until next time...

-Ryan and Fallon =)

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