Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 3 Sandy Hook

During our third week here at Sandy Hook Fallon and I were assigned to the South Maintenance division which mostly takes care of the landscaping, garbage pickup, and the rest of the daily activites to make the park look beautiful. Every day started at 6 am and every employee was always on time and ready to work. In the mornings we would have a meeting to discuss the days jobs and what crews were going to do what.

The first day we were assigned to dig up the ground around the Fort Hancock sign and plant flowers to make the sign which everyone sees look very nice. We spent time to make sure the plants were lined up and evenly spaced apart then watered them. We then got mulch to spread around the flowers. The rest of our day we spent doing some mowing throughout the park. The rest of the week we spent starting our day with garabage picking which is extremly important. Sandy Hook has a carry in carry out garbage policy which obviously is not obeyed to the tee so it is South Maintenances job to make sure all the beach's look nice before people come to the park in the morning. After that we went out with a crew to make sure the grass around the roadways was cut, the weeds were whacked, and that all the trimmings were blown off the road to make the park look nice.

The hours were long and hot but the work was extremly rewarding. Not at one point did anyone we worked with complain and everyone seemed to be very proud of the work that they did throughout the day, driving by it afterward and seeing what they had done to improve the beauty of the park. Without these people working everyday there would probably be no park to come visit. The grass would be overgrown and the beaches would be over run with garbage. Sometimes these are the people in parks that go unseen and we would like to take this time to thank them for all thier hardwork and dedication to improving the beauty of all National Parks.

*On a negative note for whatever reason the pictures we have taken will not upload so hopefully there will be pictures to come.

Peace and Love to all,
                 Ryan and Fallon

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