Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week 4: Sandy Hook

With our last week in maintenance, Ryan and I worked at the water plant. Every morning we began the day by helping run samples within the water and wastewater treatment plants. Some of the samples that we tested included, pH, turbidity and chlorine residual. On our first day, we took our tour of the plants. We were able to learn more about the operation and the maintenance procedures that needed to be conducted at both plants. After our tour we had to replace a broken yard hydrant at one of the pump stations. The original pump froze which led to it cracking.

On our second day, we went back to our daily routine of cutting grass. However, this time we had to cut the grass around the pump stations so that when it was time to check on them it would be easy to get to the pump station rather than climbing over the high grass. Another job that we did that day was assist our supervisor for that week, with pumping down one of the scum pits of the primary clarifier located in the wastewater treatment plant. This was important for us to do because if we did not get to it in time the plant would begin to smell and there could possibly be an overflow of waste. Then that would result in a large mess that no one would be happy to clean up. It was also a good learning experience for us as well, because I know I never really though about where all our waste goes and what affect it can have on our community. Our last day at the water treatment plant was an easy day. We did our daily routines of checking the pump stations, recording data and then we had to replace a vent pipe at one of the pump stations. The original vent pipe was worn out and rusted, so we replaced it with a more friendly, easy on the eye, PVC pipe.
After working at the water treatment plant Monday-Wednesday, we switched over to another division within maintence. On Thursday we helped out the North Maintenance crew by painting doors in one of the houses for an incoming supervisior. That day it was really hot outside so it took us awhile to paint. The crew wanted to take it easy that day so that no one would dehydrated due to the heat. Friday, we helped out by cleaning the showers at the beach lots. We also used the leaf blowers to clean up the sitting areas so that it would have a better appearance for our visitors. Later in the day we assisted with setting up for the weekly beach concerts here at Sandy Hook. We checked out the stage to make sure that there were no nails out of place and that it was safe for people to be on it with their equipment. We helped locate buried cables for the shows by digging them out of the sand. Today was the first concert for the summer. The turn out was amazing and every time I looked at the stage I thought of how Ryan and I were able to be a part making this event happen.
Now that we are officially done working with maintenance Ryan and I are able to look at all the work we have done over the past two weeks and really be proud of our work. Even with the smallest things like cutting the grass, we can still look at it and say, "Hey, look what we did. Look at how beautiful this park is". We both really did enjoy our time with them and when we hope everyone experiences a great time with what ever department they are working in.

With love,
Ryan and Fallon

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