Monday, July 25, 2011

ANTI - Law Enforcement and Manassas National Battlefield

Jim and I began this week working with the Law Enforcement division at Antietam. Tuesday and Wednesday morning we prepared for our trip to Manassas. We had to do a routine vehicle inspection, prepare our GovTrip, and other last minute paperwork before we departed Wednesday afternoon. We went out on patrol with the LE Officers only a few times because of the preparation work that we had to do before our departure.
Wednesday evening through Sunday afternoon, Jim and I were working at Manassas National Battlefield with the other ProRangers. We were responsible for Chinn Ridge parking area. Our experience really allowed us to get familiar with Incident Command. This was our second time working under Incident Command and it proved to be successful in our area. Although the temperatures were extremely high, we had a really good time speaking with the visitors and learning about another battlefield. We didn't realize how difficult it would be to entirely shift the park that you work at. We often found ourselves telling people that we could answer their questions because we were not from that battlefield. People were always extremely understanding, especially because we were located within the parking lot but at times it was frustrating for us to not be able to answer these simple questions. Even with something as simple as parking, we learned that you need to have some knowledge of the place that you are working. At Antietam, after spending nine weeks there, we would be able to answer the majority of questions. We had a really good time with the other ProRangers working this event. Our ability to all work together smoothly continues to amaze me. We look forward to seeing everyone again and working more events such as this in the future.

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