Monday, July 4, 2011

Antietam National Battlefield - Week 6

This week Jim and I spent the week with the Law Enforcement Officers. We spent the majority of the week preparing for the Salute to Independence event that was held on Saturday, July 2nd. We helped run errands in preparation for the event as well as doing other activities that helped to prepare the park for the event. I never realized how much goes into running an event until this week. The whole park was fully engaged in the preparation for this event. All divisions needed to be in communication with one another to ensure that the whole park would be set up by Saturday morning. The orchestrating of this was amazing!
Along with preparing for this event, Jim and I spent quite a bit of time working on
the Eppley Interpretation course. We chose our topic and began working on putting the
talk together. Hopefully within the next few weeks we can wrap that up! We both never realized the amount of hours that go into creating one of these talks. We are using our knowledge from each of the divisions to create this talk. Hopefully we can help the public to understand how important each division is to the park and the role that the division plays in restoring and preserving the battlefield!
Saturday was the Salute to Independence Event at the battlefield. Jim and I worked the later of the two shifts, 1530-2400. We were in charge of checking parking passes and directing people to where they
needed to go. Thousands of people came to the park. It was really nice to see the entire community come out to the battlefield to participate in this event. By the end of the night, the two of us
were exhausted. I never knew how tiring directing cars could be! It was a great experience for the two of us. We had a really good time
talking with the individuals who came to enjoy the event as well as handing out trading cards to all the kids (and anyone else who wanted them). We are looking forward to the next week at Leadership Camp!

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