Sunday, July 31, 2011

C&O Canal

This past week at the C&O Canal has been very cool as well as tiring. We were able to many different law enforcement tactics during this week. On Wednesday Josh Cunningham took Tia and myself to meet up with Matt Huescamp at the Training Center to learn some Defense/Control Tactics. This was a grueling workout that involved using jabs, elbows, knees, upper cuts, roundhouse kicks, and more. As we jabbed and kicked the stuffing out of Huescamp and Cunnigham they told us to yell, "Get back!" and "Stop! Police!" This combination of fighting a criminal and yelling commands was quite challenging for myself. This day was a good test of our endurance and was just so exhilarating.
The following day Cunnigham and Clawson took Tia and I to Four Locks, a shooting range. The whole day was dedicated to learning the in's and out's of a handgun. We were took the 228 apart several times, learned the basic safety information about the 228, learned about the proper bullets, and of course, how to shoot a gun. This had been my first time shooting a gun so it was quite the experience. We shot about four to five magazines from the five yard line. In the end, it was determined that Tia is a better shot than I am, but I don't mind because I have plenty of time to improve.
Friday and Saturday were dedicated to patrolling different trails located around the Great Falls area, mainly Billy Goat A. It was our job due dissuade visitors from taking a dip in the Potomac or from jumping off a cliff into the Potomac. Even though there are many signs up warning about the dangers of the Potomac, we continue to have many visitors venturing into the cool water. I also patrolled the trail for other dangers or hazards, but found nothing. I did, however, speak with many visitors and was able to answer many questions.

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