Thursday, July 28, 2011

C & O Canal Shooting Range

I had one of the most exciting experiences of my life! Here at the C & O Canal, my supervisors Brad and Josh gave Lita and I the opportunity to shoot at their range. Before hand, Brad went over the most important procedure, safety. He explained how each and every instrument attached to the weapon worked and he even took the 9mm's apart to give us a better understanding of how its all connected.

Brad allowed us to put them together and take them apart several times in order for us to get comfortable with handling the weapon. Today I learned how to clean a weapon, check for bullets, load magazines, and properly carry it. I had a lot of fun handling it and I was interested in learning about the weapon throughout the entire day. Being as though I had never handled a gun before, I was a bit anxious when we had arrived at the range, but I had confidence in my supervisors because they were very knowledgeable. After assessing my performance at the shooting range today, I realized just how much I have left to learn. I also know that practice makes perfect and now that I have the basic idea of how to use such a weapon, I can not wait for the next visit at the range!

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