Saturday, July 16, 2011

Colonial Week 6

My week 6 at Colonial was a phenomenal one! I did not get a chance to post this blog before we left for leadership camp due to not having the photos for it. Though, I have the pictures now and it is time to fill all of you in. The week consisted of me spending my time with law enforcement. For the bulk of the week I had the chance to ride with Ranger Harold Park. The experience was unforgettable while riding with Ranger Park who took me on bike patrol one day out of the week. It had been years since I had rode a bike, and it was pretty comical to others to see me kind of struggle to get on the bike. However, once on the bike I and Ranger Park rode the West tour roads keeping eyes out for any deer that may have been poached, individuals engaging in illegal activities on the tour roads, and any other things which may have needed our attention. I really got a workout that day.

The following day proved to be a jaw dropping experience. I had the pleasure of being with Ranger Park and working the security detail for, Ken Salazar, the Secretary of the Interior,

and also had the opportunity to meet Director Jarvis of the National Park Service. The thrilling part about week 6 was that it was truly an eye opener to how one day is never like the next for a ranger in the National Park Service. One day you’re patrolling your tour roads on bikes, and the next you have a visit from the two most important men involved in the National Park Service. This reminds me of how one has to be a person who is ready to adapt and perform with an ever changing world around them. Week 6 was a non-stop week of fun and law enforcement that I will truly never forget. Until next time!!!

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