Monday, July 4, 2011

Harpers Ferry Week 6

Hello from Harpers Ferry! I hope everyone had another great week. This week Mark and I worked with Education on Monday and Tuesday, and Law Enforcement Wednesday through Friday. During our time with Education we helped to lead a program designed for NYLC Scholars. The Scholars are middle school students that are selected by their teachers to attend the Congressional Youth Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. . Throughout the conference the Scholars travel the area while learning about leadership characteristics. During their day at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, the Scholars learn the story of John Brown’s raid and are given the opportunity to experience three war related stations. These stations are Military, War Relief, and War Correspondents. While at these stations the students work alongside period interpreters to complete tasks vital to the war effort. At these stations Mark and I helped administer the activities to the students and answer their questions. This was a great opportunity for us to speak in front of a large group and to gain experience in interpretation. Mark and I also had parts in the closing ceremony event where we handed out “awards” to our group. Each group is given an award based upon their participation throughout the day. The award name is selected by the group leader; therefore, Mark and I were allowed to come up with our own award name.

Our two days with Education were very rewarding. Mark and I had a great time teaching the Scholars and listening to their thoughts on Harpers Ferry. The experience that we gained this week will help us with future interpretation programs and give us additional confidence while speaking to large crowds. The Education staff is extremely knowledgeable and they do a wonderful job teaching the story of Harpers Ferry.

Mark and I reported to Law Enforcement for the remainder of the week. While with LE we completed various training requirements and practiced taking blood pressure and testing blood sugar. It is very important to practice these valuable skills so that you are comfortable when assisting a patient. Later in the week, Ranger Mark Howard, Mark, and I hiked through a portion of the Park to search for an individual suspected of living in the area. We did not find the individual, although items discovered by another employee did suggest the person was in the area. During the hike, Ranger Howard taught us what to lookout for during a search as well as safety procedures for hiking alone.

Also this week, Regional Chief Will Reynolds visited Mark and I to discuss the first half of our summer. We both really appreciated Chief Reynolds taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with us in Harpers Ferry. Mark and I are looking forward to seeing him next week at leadership camp along with all of the other attendees. We also would like to thank our Superintendent Rebecca Harriett for meeting with us this week. Superintendent Harriett is very interested in the ProRanger program and provides us with excellent advice.

This coming weekend Mark and I will accompany our Supervisor Mark Howard on a trip to Washington D.C. for the Fourth of July activities. Mark and I will be representing the National Park Service at the NSO Concerts. We are extremely grateful that Ranger Howard has given us this opportunity and cannot wait to experience working such a high profile event.

Mark and I wish everyone safe travels to leadership camp, see you there!

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