Friday, July 15, 2011

Harpers Ferry Week 7

Our very patriotic week started off with a conference call hosted by none other than THE MAN DON SWEET. All of the ProRangers were on board for this meeting and we all were able to share our most memorable moments and difficult challenges to date at our parks. It was good to find out that almost all of us in the program were having different experiences but also very similar experiences when it came to the obstacles that we faced with this internship.
The very next day, Jay and I worked with Natural Resources and we looked at the the Ash Trees that resided all around the park. These trees have recently been devastated by the invasive insects called the Emerald Ash Borers. We also helped assist in a perimeter mapping of a specific area of the Ash Trees using a very advanced GPS system. The area was very dense with vegetation and spiderwebs, so that made it kind of difficult navigating.
After Natural Resources, we worked with LE for one day and did some patrol work in Loudon Heights looking for illegal campers and the next day we did a ride along with the local PD and we both really got to see the differences in mentalities between LE Rangers and cops. On my ride along, the officer that I was shadowing made a couple of traffic stops and one vehicle had suspected heroin addicts and needles were found. The K-9 was called in to assist with the vehicle search but no drugs were found.

We ended the work week with the Living History department and it was during the 4th of July weekend celebrations. There, Jay and I were dressed up in civil war period clothing where we apart of the union army. Our positions in the army were the color guards, so during the marching and the firing drills we held the flags proudly. We also participated with the activities of the day that involved the visitors and did some interp.

Our week capped off on the 4th of July in the Washing D.C. at Capitol Hill where we worked at the concert directing people to their proper seating and maintaining crowd control. It was a very exuberant experience and the fireworks and musical talent were top- notch.

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