Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Harpers Ferry-Week 9

Week nine was another busy and exciting week here at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. Mark and I began the week in Great Falls,Maryland, where we attended bicycle training with fellow ProRangers Lita and Tia. The training focused on bike maintenance and slow speed riding. We also practiced mounting and dismounting from the bicycle, and how to safely approach a contact while riding.

The next day, Mark and I had the pleasure of helping the museum management staff clean and document historic rifles. Mark and I carefully removed each artifact from its storage area and wiped it with a microfiber cloth. We also used a rammer to check the barrel of the weapons for any obstructions, and to decide if further cleaning was needed. Once the rifles were thoroughly cleaned we photographed the items for a digital achieve. The achieve allows the public to view collection items that are not on display in an exhibit. Mark and I both really enjoyed handling the historic weapons. Each weapon has its own history and belonged to someone over 150 years ago. The possibilities are endless once you begin to think of all the events each rifle may have went through.

The following two days we returned to law enforcement for a very busy weekend. Mark and I went on two patrol hikes this week, totaling almost ten miles of trails. Visitation was very high this weekend, in turn; we were busy responding to calls and patrolling the park as well. At one point our Lower Town bus loop became so overwhelmed that Ranger Howard asked us to provide additional support. Mark and I jumped in one of the park's "12 pack" buses and shuttled approximately 40 visitors in two trips. We worked as a team to deliver quality shuttle service to the visitors. Mark took over the PA system and spoke to the visitors while I focused on safely driving the bus. The entire experience was excellent and I look forward to getting another opportunity to help our shuttle operation.

Saturday marked the first day that Mark and I closed the park without help from another Ranger. This experience is priceless because each Ranger must know how to close their park, and what to look for before locking up. While closing, we came across a vehicle parked after dark in one of our parking areas. Ranger Howard responed to the location and we searched the area for the vehicle owner.

Next week we will be starting our second tour with the maintenance division. Maintenance has a great staff and we always look forward to working along side them. They take great pride in their work and always do the best job possible.

Have a great week!

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