Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hello All! It has been a hectic week here at INDE! It is Freedom Week here at INDE with lots of events taking place. Dan and I have been helping out whenever possible and we will have worked a full week!

Earlier in the week I helped another ranger when we found a man unconscious who seemed to have fallen off a a bench. After we got closer and were able to see more, we saw that he had a large bottle of alcohol with him and the name he gave us did not match his ID. I helped to wave an ambulance over and also helped to make sure no one was too close to the man.

The next day Dan and I watched as Cultural Resources Management changed the documents in the West Wing. These documents include the Declaration of Indepedence, not the signed copy that is in Washington DC, but a copy from before that. A copy that was one of the signers. The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. These documents are kept in a bullet proof container with different layers surrounding them to make sure the humidity and the temperature are regulated. It is really awesome how they are able to keep these documents on display as well as preserve them!

We also helped out with the Wawa welcome week. Wawa brought a 4.5 ton hoagie over. The hoagie was made and then they stored in refrigerated trucks unitl it was time to take it out and pass out. In additon to this hoagie they also passed out iced tea, tasty cakes, and chips. They actually gave out the hoagie before the event was over! They had hoagie making contests, were two different groups would compete for 3 minutes trying to make more than the other. These hoagies were then donated. It was a very interesting day!

Dan and I have also been helping out with the set up for the POPS concert. We closed off Chestnut Street for most of the day and we let trucks unload. The trucks were all screened at an off site location and then we followed the trucks over in our vehicle. We also gave all the workers wristbands and only let them into our secure area. These wristbands expire after one day so they can not try to get in another day with the same one. They made a stage and put up lighting. We wore yellow vests when we were in the street even though it was closed off. Everyone is being very safe here at INDE!

We had a small bird fly into the Liberty Bell Center. The bird was stuck in the building for a few days before one of the night shift guys was able to catch him. Dan and I helped the other rangers try to catch the bird when the building was closed to the public.

We also got a visit from our ProRangers from Valley Forge! They were able to come over for a day and see how we do things here at INDE. Valley Forge Rangers have been coming over to help us all week. It is such a great idea!

Sorry for the lack of pictures this week. We will make up for it next week! We have been so busy! Can't wait to see all of you on Tuesday! We are so excited for Leadership Camp!

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