Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello everyone! Dan and I are having a great time in this heat here at INDE! We are staying hydrated and keeping in the shade when possible. Our first day back from our weekend was spent with Public Affairs. We were able to see how they scheduled events at the park. On Tuesday we were able to be a part of a private tour. This group of girls was from the Middle East but came to America for a Leadership program. Dan and I helped Frank Eidmann bring these girls around the park. We were able to see what kinds of groups are able to schedule private tours. We also were able to see the permits that get approved. The permits can be for film crews , wedding pictures or first amendment demonstrators. It was really neat to see how they ran their opperation! I was a part of one of their projects during Freedom Week. They received an e-mail with directions, (We want to show diversity in our staff and diversity in our places. Mostimages will feature one employee, but they could feature two, or anemployee with a visitor. We also hope to obtain short quotes attributableto these employees. Such quotes would be about their feelings for theirpark, their work, the future of the NPS, etc. Quotes could express ideasabout the Centennial, education, professional excellence, stewardship,leadership, or any other aspect of the NPS.) and we were able to use the directions to give them a picture of what they needed. They had a lady come in a take my picture in front of the Libtery Bell. This picture was sent in to hopefully be used in the Newsletter sent from Washington. "This opportunity to work as a ProRanger at Independence National Historical Park has really inspired me, and shown me how I can use all of my skills--as a student, as a history fan, as a nurse and as a law enforcement ranger--to help achieve this mission of the park service."

I was able to help screen a truck yesterday. Cultural Resources wanted to take a portrait from the Franklin Museum and put in in the second floor on Independence Hall. This portrait was so large that they needed 5 guys and a truck to transport it! After they put the portrait in the truck I helped one of the LE Rangers screen the bottom of the truck. We also looked inside the truck. This is because we were bringing it into a secure area. We then followed the truck and helped keep the crowd out of the way for the men.

Dan & Sarah

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