Monday, July 18, 2011

Independence National Historical Park..Update

While just settling back into work after our amazing week at Leadership Camp, I thought I would include a few photos from the 4th of July which we didn't get to post before we left.

The events of the 4th of July had been building more than a week ahead. Since Philadelphia, and more specifically, Independence Hall is often considered the birthplace of our country, what better place to hold the historic celebration.

The events culminated with a parade down Chestnut and Market Streets in Philadelphia, and thanks to The Friends of Independence National Historical Park, a group that we work with closely at the park, we were given the opportunity to walk in the parade and be the center of attention among the thousands of people who were there watching.

We then broke for leadership camp, then when we returned we were able to spend a few days with the Administration department (now called Business Services). While many people see this as a dryer more sedate part of the park service, Business Services are integral in almost every aspect of the park, from land acquisition, contracting, buying, uniform regulations and ordering, and controlling the parks near 25 million dollar budget, and much more. It gave us a great and different perspective on how much work is involved in everything that gets done within the park.

We are looking forward to our upcoming day with the Public Relations department..

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