Thursday, July 28, 2011

It has already been another awesome week here at INDE! The time seems to be flying by! Tuesday Dan and I were in charge of the Lost & Found for the whole park! We went around to each building and took all the items out that visitors left behind. We went into dispatch with boxes of items! We had everything from hats and sunglasses to sweaters and lunch pales. We then wrote down all of the items and put them back into the box. This helps the dispatchers because they will make a spreadsheet of all the lost items and send all the stuff to the MEB. In the MEB one of the administrators takes care of all the lost items. After a certain amount of time she donates the items to different organizations. We felt so helpful after all that was done!
We also watched the LE Rangers handcuff a man that was intoxicated and causing a ruckus at the park. We saw how the rangers handled the situations and the steps they took to get the man under control. Even though we do not want any harm to the park it was awesome to watch!
Then we traveled to Washington DC for the NCR 2011 Youth Expo! We drove the Pontiac G6! While there Mark and Jay went on stage to talk about the ProRanger Philadelphia Program! We were able to see what the youth programs were doing in the NCR. They made displays for all of us and we went around to each table to see how their summers were spent. We also roller skated! We tried to get Chief Will Reynolds to join us but we will have to try again when he is out of uniform! We were interviewed about our program and told others about how it works. It was a good way to tell our story and hope that others will take the same path as us. I talked to a student who was thinking of applying to Temple University. He asked me about the school and the program. He seemed really interested and I hope to see him 2 years from now! Our supervisor Paula helped make this trip possible! Tomorrow Don Sweet comes to visit us! We are so excited!

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