Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tia's Experience at C & O Canal

I’m having such a great time at C & O Canal because I’m getting exposure to the law enforcement aspects of the National Park Service. I really enjoy the scenery and environment of the park, I’m not really used to much of the natural resources here that this park has to offer. Lately, Lita and I have been biking on the C & O Canal trail and interacting with its friendly visitors. We also have the opportunity to do ride-alongs with the law enforcement officers, giving us the chance to learn more about the park. Our Supervisor, Josh, has been immensely instrumental in our exposure to the visitors and the regulations of the park which we must try to enforce. The ride-alongs really help because the LE Officers familiarizes us with certain areas. The C & O Canal is over 180 miles long so I’m learning something new each day by patrolling many different sections. A few days ago, some of my fellow ProRangers and I went on a detail to work for the Manassas 150th anniversary of its Civil War Battlefield. It was quite an experience because I met so many different National Park Service employees from parks all over. Although it was very hot for those few days that we were there, I had a great time. I was very happy to see a lot of familiar faces from leadership camp like LE Supervisor Dave Ballam, the Chief of NCR, Will Reynolds, and my fellow ProRangers. My Experience here in DC/MD/VA has been a blast!

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