Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 8 at Colonial Maintenance

Hey everybody! My eighth week at Colonial was my last week of maintenance. It was a very hard time to have to say farewell to such a fun division. During this week though, the division turned up the intensity of their tasks for me, which allowed me to leave with memories I will never forget. My fondest memory however, is the day that I had the opportunity to work in laying down asphalt on the Colonial National Historical Parkway. It reminded me of my time when I used to lend my uncle a hand in his contracting business. The beauty of being able to take something similar to concrete and be able to mold it into a structure for public use was amazing to me just as it was when I was 16. More importantly, this day reminded me of the reward one can feel after a long day of work on a task, and being able to see that work become a reality. I first was able to take part in the removal of the damaged concrete in the ground by using the jackhammer; the jackhammer is no joke I tell you. Upon removal of all the concrete in the whole the maintenance team and I added tar to the pit, and then the asphalt had arrived. I was prompted by my supervisor, Bill, to hop up on the truck with co-worker, Jim, and shovel the asphalt into the pit. About 10 minutes later I was instructed down, and was told to help with raking and smoothing out the asphalt. Finally, I had the pleasure of using a ground tapper, which is a power tool that flattens the ground by pounding it at a very fast rate. All in all it was a great day and a great two weeks with a division that allowed me to do so much labor work with my hands. I really wish I could have had a third week with everyone. Until next time!

Myself with the jackhammer

 Me with the Ground Tapper

Another Picture with the Ground Tapper

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