Monday, August 1, 2011

Antietam National Battlefield Week 10

Week 10 flew by for Cailin and I.  We assisted the Law enforcement Rangers on their routine patrols throughout the park.  However, Cailin and I spent most of the week working on our Interpretive talk that we will be giving to visitors and park staff.  We even had a surprise visit from Moe from Gettysburg.  We were given off Monday to recover from the Manassas event.  Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty slow with us catching up on paperwork that needed to be completed.  Thursday while patrolling with ranger Tom Jones we spotted a dog on a walk by himself.  We attempted to bring him in to ensure he was returned to his owners and wasn't in any danger walking along the tour road.  He however wouldn't be taken in alive and ran off into a cornfield and we haven't seen him since.  We spent about 10 minutes looking before calling off the dog-hunt.
(Jim searching a patch of trees and undergrowth next to the planted cornfield for the wayward puppy)

Friday was by far our busiest day.  While planning out our tour route for our interp talk Cailin and I got a flat tire.  We only bring this up since we also got a flat tire with the same vehicle at Manassas a few days earlier.

After fixing the flat, Cailin and I spent some time at maintenance getting the flat tire repaired and picking up our spare which was being repaired from the Manassas incident.

Later Friday afternoon while Cailin were trying to finish our tour route, we spotted an individual possibly in use of a metal detector which is illegal on park property.  After grabbing ranger Rory Moore the three of use set off on the Cornfield trail to investigate.  We unfortunately did not run into the individual again but we continued our patrol and did a few open view searches for metal detectors in vehicles around the park.  
(Ranger Moore, Cailin and I on Cornfield trail)

We only have 2 weeks left at our park and will be sad to leave when the time comes.  We cant wait for the next 2 weeks to occur since some very exciting events are planned for us with some fellow ProRangers and a few cooperating Law enforcement Agencies. 

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