Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Harpers Ferry Week 10

This week Jay and I were back with the Maintenance squad. This week flew by extremely fast and we started it off with a squad meeting. The very next day, we were sent down to Lowertown to work with the Stone Mason. We were outside in the 90+ degree heat putting in some heavy duty work. We were helping the Mason build a stone wall, we were not able to finish the job at the end of the shift, but we got alot of work done. On Wednesday, we worked with the grounds crew and did some trash and recycle detail around the park. We also assisted the YCC's and one of the maintenance workers with some mulch work that had to be done on Cavalier Heights by the visitor center.
We also got a chance to meet with the SCA's that just arrived in the park. They are a group of volunteer students from high schools around the country that help cut down trees, clean up brush, build worm fences, etc. They really help out alot and it was a pleasure for Jay and I to meet with them and also present to them some safety information on how to treat snake and spider bites, if they were to ever get bit while in the park. The week with Maintenance ended with the custodial crew. Here we got a chance to travel to the Conservation Center and we got a tour of the building and help to do some office room cleanup.

On the weekend, Jay and I worked at the Manassas event that celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Bull Run. Along with several other ProRangers, we were able to control the parking traffic and assist visitors that wanted to enter the park or go to the reenactment battle. I enjoyed working there and got alot of experience that will hopefully help me in the future.

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