Friday, August 19, 2011

Harpers Ferry Week 13

Hello everyone, this is the last post from the Harpers Ferry boys. Our last week in Harpers Ferry ended with a bang. On Monday, Jay and I traveled to Prince William Forest Park to get some firearms training at the ranger over there. It was a great experience with the other ProRangers and the instruction we received was excellent. The next day, we worked with visitor services at the visitor and information centers. This gave us the opportunity to be at the front line of the park and interact with the visitors. Jay and I got the chance to give our first official interp programs. They both were 20 minutes long and my topic was about the John Brown Raid that occurred in Harpers Ferry on October 16, 1859. Jay's program was about the Siege of 1861 in Harpers Ferry. We also learned the colors procedures of the USA flag and we helped out with the park closing procedures.

 The next day was a back- country day with our supervisor. We traveled to Short Hill and hiked the whole area in about 4 and a half hours. We hiked along the NPS boundary lines that we placed there, and it was a great day to be physically active because the weather was impeccable. Our last day with LE, we patrolled the town and turned in our equipment. Our last work day in Harpers Ferry was with visitor services again. We did the same thing we did with them the first time, but we were more comfortable doing everything because we were exposed to the job previously. The second 20 minute program I gave on John Brown was a much better improvement than the first one. We also did some LE work and caught a man desecrating one of our parks most precious monuments. This was something big and Jay and I were proud to help protect one of our country's historic landmarks. All in all, I want to thank all of the Harpers Ferry staff for having us there this summer, its been great working amongst the HAFE family and hopefully in the future i will return.

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