Friday, August 5, 2011

Sandy Hook Week 11

Here are some pictures of the sights of Sandy Hook along with some of the exciting things we get to do on a regular basis. We have been working traffic recently but that does not make anything boring by any means. We have been given important details and we are asked to do unique things that different branches of Sandy Hook are getting involved in such as the pictures of the whale below. Our daily activities include making sure the parking lots are not full, if so they need to be closed with signs and cones and checked on every so often to see if they can re-opened. We have also been doing many lockouts. This is pretty fun and very easy once you learn to get into the car, but you always have spectators who think they know how to do it better and yell directions from 100 yards away, so sometimes the job is frustrating. We also do jumpstarts and provide tow numbers, locksmith numbers, and other services that might be needed on a piece of paper if people ask for them. Everyday is different this week for our free beach concert on wednesday we were expecting a large crowd and preparing for the worse but rain continued to fall and the concert was canceled leaving the rest of the night of work very quite. Recently on Monday there was a lightning strike here at Sandy Hook, it was during my day off and Fallon and I did not go to the scene but thanks to the help of some of our LE Rangers who were quick to the scene the man who was struck is still alive but in critical condition. It has been a pretty exciting week here at Sandy Hook and I hope you guys enjoy the pictures see you all soon.\

Ryan and Fallon

This is an all girls lifegaurd tournament Fallon and I Worked.

This is a dead Mink Whale which was towed to the shore of Sandy Hooks bayside to be examined for cause of death, age, and sex of the animal.

Here is Fallon touching the dead whale.

Fallon at the oldest fuctioning lighthouse in the country here at Sandy Hook

If you look closely you can see New York City in the background

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