Monday, August 8, 2011

SNP --> Week 12

This week John and I participated in many different activities. They included going to court, setting a bear trap at Loft Mt. Campground, overviewing EMS training and techniques, and working with the Fee department.

At court, LE Rangers Coby and Matt had us watch the various proceedings and then introduced us to the Judge and some of his assistants. After that we went downstairs to see the jail and meet several U.S. Marshalls. It was good to see another aspect of the Law Enforcement profession. We learned that the job involves much more than just pulling people over and writing tickets.

The day we set the bear trap , was actually supposed to be spent with the Fee department, performing a fee audit on the entry station workers to see how they were performing their duties. This was canceled due to veyt heavy fog blanketing the region, so we then responded to loft mountains call about a nuisance bear. The bear actually reacted to a camper not securing food properly and ripped through a tent to get at said food. We met up with Merrit , one of the parks animal techs and helped her set up the bear trap. The bear will now have to be removed from its environment and relocated to another district in the park. It was a wake up call for many of the visitors and us showing how these animals are wild must be treated with respect.

We spent another day with Stacy and Rob, the park's LE's who are also the medical coordinators. They gave us a tour of the ambulance and all the equipment within it. They also went over lessons learned from past SAR's and other medical incidents. Finally, they taught us how to take patient vitals such as blood pressure, pulse, and breathing rates.

We only have one week left. Its been a memorable summer and we hope to end it well!

Heather and John

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