Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week 11 - ANTI

This week Jim and I spent our time with the Law Enforcement Officers. On Monday we needed to enter in new codes for some of the houses. We had to use the booklet to figure out how to enter in the top secret codes. Tuesday we were allowed to drive the park's fire truck to one of the barns to clean off some of the tables for an upcoming meeting that was taking place. We learned how to use the fire hose and participate in scrubbing down the tables. We then had to go back and re-fill the truck so that it would be ready to use the next time.

Wednesday we were allowed to do bike patrol around the park. We never
realized how many hills were in the park until we had to do it all on bike! We managed to do the whole battlefield but by the time we were coming back we were so exhausted that we luckily found one of the Natural Resources employees to pick us up in the truck! After a brief lunch we were out riding around again. It was a really fun and different way to go around the battlefield. We were given the challenge to talk to as many visitors as possible. Unfortunately we did not find all that many who were on foot, but we were able to get our pictures taken by one up by the Burnside Bridge.

A brief stop at the Visitors Center had us speaking with a gentleman looking for the site that housed the remains that were found a few years ago. Other than those two encounters, we weren't able to find others. We both really enjoyed getting out on the bikes to explore the battlefield yet another way.

On Friday, Cailin was part of a response to a biking accident on one of the trails. She participated in aiding the woman and her daughter. Although the woman was taken out in ambulance, it would good to experience what the obstacles that you may face when responding to a call. In a park where there is not always easy access to points on a trail, we really had to think out how to first of all get us to the woman's location then how to get EMS out there. After responding to the accident, later in the afternoon Cailin participated in a dog off leash call. It lead to a visitation of the dog owner at their home. Both calls that day were really interesting and a good way to see the things that we will one day be responding to.
Our week with Law Enforcement was a lot of fun. Even just simple patrols around the park are always interesting and a good way to keep us on our toes. We are able to interact with the divisions that we spent time with and continue to see the importance of each of those divisions. As we are going into our last week, we are really sad to be leaving the park. We are going to miss everyone at the battlefield. We are looking forward to what will come within this next week!

Jim and Cailin

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