Monday, April 30, 2012

First Post

Hello Everyone,

My name is Eric Morgan and I have just recently joined the blog. I was accepted in January into Cohort 3 of the ProRanger Program. I learned about this program through a fellow classmate of mine who is in Cohort 2. This is an opportunity for all of us to succeed in life in doing something we love. I have always had a passion for criminal justice and being accepted into this program has helped bring me one step closer to my goal of being a part of law enforcement. I will be the first one in all of my family, even my extended family, to be in law enforcement. I am looking forward to becoming a Law Enforcement Ranger. My internship this summer is at Valley Forge and I am very excited for that. It is less than two weeks away but I am ready to begin the internship, learn and experience the Ranger position. I will be attending the Seasonal Law Enforcement Academy in the spring of 2013 and when the time comes, I will be ready to conquer the challenges of the academy and start my career in a federal law enforcement position.

-Eric Morgan

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