Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And the fun just does not stop at Morristown: Week 2

This week was a very interesting week for me. I attended the Law Enforcement Refresher with my Chief, Rich Aldridge, at Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. I was great to spend time with ProRangers Christina Cintron and Vincent Lemba, while assisting the instructors with the Control Tactics Classes. The best way for me to learn and understand new concepts is by being visual and hands on. Last year I was stationed at Sandy Hook and I was not able to really see all of the scenarios that the instructors had for the Law Enforcement Rangers, but this year not only was I able to watch the scenarios, I was also able to participate as a role player! Christina, Vinny and I, acted as suspects when the Rangers were going over the procedures in handcuffing. The instructors also went over how to react in stressful circumstances, for example, if you were to find yourself in a ground fight they showed the different techniques to get yourself out of there and take control of the situation.  Although, we did not participate in ground fighting, we were able to watch the techniques that were used, that way once we are out in field we will remember that we should never stop fighting because there is always a way out.
One thing I that I found was important in the lessons from this day was to pay attention small details that many overlook when they are carrying out an arrest. For example, making sure that you are always one step ahead of the suspect; one way to do this is when you are giving commands to the suspect, walking back and forth behind them shows that the Officer has more control over the situation and it prevents the suspect from attacking you unexpectedly. If you are directly behind them, they can tell where you are, figure out how close they may be to you and it would be a greater chance of them planning their attack. The next day the Rangers went through a day of scenarios, where they needed to take everything they learned the day before and use it perform in the field. One scenario that I enjoyed the most was when the Rangers were “blindfolded” and told to lay on the ground. When the shirt was lifted from their faces they were immediately involved in a ground fight by the suspect (role player). I enjoyed that scenario the most because it really made me think of what I would do in that situation. One must expect the unexpected, so I felt that this was a great way to get everyone to think quickly in a short duration of time.
Once I returned to Morristown, I rode along with one of the LE Rangers. I was given the chance to do radar along the main roads. I learned the different approaches that may be used in a traffic stop. For instance, instead of walking up on the driver side, approaching from the passenger side can be used especially if on a busy road. I went for a hike Thursday, to see different areas of the park and explore the wildlife. On Friday, I was sent out on a more work related hike, which I still enjoyed doing. As I hiked, the task given to me was to take note of all the signposts to make sure that they were clear, the signs were not dirty and more importantly confirm that the right signs were there. I noted if there was a post that should have signs and posts that may not need a sign, based off of the trial maps.  I took that time to explore the soldier huts where the troops of the Continental Army stayed. One hut housed about 12-13 soldiers for the winter! Week two has been a great week for me. It went by quickly and I’m sad to say that my summer is beginning to go by too quickly. Every day I am learning more and more; as a result of that I make sure to keep my pen and pocket notebook handy.

I hope all is well with everyone. I look forward to hearing more about everyone’s Park as the summer continues.

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